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Dazzle Carpet Cleaning Vancouver offers amazing carpet cleaning results combined with the best customer service in the industry. We are honest and upfront with our great pricing options, creating a non intimidating atmosphere for our customers. There is no need to worry about up-selling and intimidating sales tactics as we strive to be up front and offer the friendliest and most proffesional service in the industry. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for pets and children. All technicians are IICRC certified.


Amazing Results

We use the most knowledgeable and experienced carpet cleaning vancouver technicians. Combine this with the most cutting edge equipment and you get the best possible carpet cleaning Vancouver results possible. Make your old carpets look brand new again!


  • Best Highly trained Carpet Cleaning Techs
  • Cutting Edge Carpet Cleaning Equipment
  • Products Are Safe For Pets and Children

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Best Technicians

We don’t just hire the best technicians, we hire a combination of knowledgeable, professional AND friendly staff. Our priority is to get the best results with the best service in the industry.


  • Prompt and On Time
  • Highly Trained, Friendly and Informative
  • Years of Knowledge and Experience

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Honest Pricing

We want to eliminate confusion when it comes to pricing and your job. We offer a free estimate to completely explain all costs and the why behind what we do. We are honest with our suggestions and want you to feel happy with our results, costs and service.


  • Free Estimate
  • Honest Recommendations
  • No Up-Sell

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How We Do It:

High Heat Extraction Cleaning

We use premier truck mounted and portable hot water extraction equipment to give your carpet the best, longest-lasting cleaning available. We are the most efficient Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Company at using the latest technology available. Our truck mounted extraction is the cleaning method most recommended by the major carpet manufacturers. The high heat loosens the deep down soil with the best non toxic eco friendly cleaning solutions on the market.

We also protect your walls and furniture with special protection pads and corner guards that keep your walls, furniture and belongings protected while freshly washing your carpets. Most carpets warranty recommends hiring a carpet cleaning professional who carries the tools that we use. Treat your carpets to the best carpet cleaning Vancouver service. See below how we utilize the best drying methods after extraction.


Steam Cleaning

Remove all carpet contaminates utilizing the most technologically advanced cleaning solutions on the market, combined with high heat steam cleaning extraction. Steam cleaning lets you walk on your carpets and sit on your furniture within hours of cleaning. Our extraction carpet cleaning system meets and exceeds Canadian Standards for corrective and procedural carpet cleaning. This is the quality we promise at Dazzle Carpet Cleaning Vancouver.

Did you know that carpets filter out pathogens and contaminates.
Your carpet is the biggest filter in your home that protects you and your family.

Carpet Stain Protection

With this extra carpet protection, your carpets and upholstery will resist future oil and water based stains . We charge 20$ per area and this protection is important in revitalizing your carpet and keeping it looking and staying cleaner longer which will save you money from having to re-clean your carpets more often.


Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning

At Dazzle Carpet Cleaning, we strive to create an environment that is cleaner and healthier for the customers we serve. We hold ourselves accountable in providing high quality service to homeowners and home renters. This is why steam cleaning is essential. Our cleaning methods enable the fastest drying time possible. This is essential as we dont want dust and dirt to accumulate if the carpets are wet for a long period of time. Our exceptional Steam Cleaning service is why people choose Dazzle Carpet cleaning over other carpet cleaning Vancouvercompanies. We use the proper ratio of psi, deep racking and adequate dwell times followed by high heat rinsing, removing soil contaminants that allow drying to occur in the fastest way possible. This leaves your carpets clean, fresh and dazzled until your next professional cleaning, recommended 1-2 times per year.


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Our Service and Costs

Our philosophy at Dazzle Carpet Cleaning is to offer the best service with the best, affordable and honest pricing. We like to keep things simple in order to create an easy and straight forward experience for the customer. This way there are no surprises like the other companies.


We use a Heavy Duty environmentally Friendly pre-spray which includes: Heavy duty anti bacterial as well as Deodorizer Followed by a deep steam rinse and power vac for faster drying time. (Highly recommended for heavily soiled carpets as well as pet issues). This provides the best possible carpet cleaning that will wow not only you, but your friends and family.

  • Heavy Duty Eco Friendly Pre Spray
  • Anti Bacterial and Deodorizer
  • Deep Steam Rinse and Power Vac
  • Fast Drying Time

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Carpet Protection

With this extra carpet protection, your carpets and upholstery will resist future oil and water based stains . We charge 20$ per area and this protection is important in revitalizing your carpet and keeping it looking and staying cleaner longer which will save you money from having to re-clean your carpets more often.

  • Stain Repellent
  • Water Repellent
  • Carpets Last Longer
  • Saves Money Over Time

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There are many options when pricing out an estimate for a carpet cleaning job. At Dazzle, we give the power to the customer, and provide an easy to use pricing calculator that lets you quickly get a very accurate quote on the job you need. This gives you an up-front, highly competitive price on world class carpet cleaning. Please see below to start your instant quote!

  • Up-front, Highly Competitive
  • Options For All Sizes and Rooms
  • Condo and Apartment Options
  • Easy to use Pricing Calculator

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Order Summary  

Carpet Cleaning Price Calculator

Fresh starts here! Start here for the easiest and most accurate pricing quote the industry has to offer. (Tax included in price you see)

How Many Areas Need Cleaning?

Simply select the amount of areas you need cleaned.  Areas are defined by small or medium sized rooms (bedroom, living, entertainment), as well area rugs, stairways and hallways.  Ex. A bedroom, hallway, living room and office would be 4 areas.  For any larger sized areas, select it as a normal area for now and there will be an option further down the form for you.

What Type of Home?

For regular houses and town houses there is no additional fee. If you are requesting carpet cleaning for an apartment or condo we charge a small fee of $15 for the extra time, work, and tools needed to access homes through elevators or stairwells.

Do You Have Any Large Areas?

If any of the areas you selected are quite large compared to the average, please select how many.  A large area is typically big enough to hold two ceiling light fixtures.  We charge $50 per extra large room.

Do You Need Any Upholstery or Leathers Cleaned While We are There?

We have a simple pricing structure of $50 per seat.  Ex. A love seat would be $100 (2 seats).  A 3 seated sofa would be $150 etc.

Great!  Choose the total amount of seats for cleaning.

Do you want your dining room chairs cleaned?

Yes, we also clean your dining room chairs.  We charge $10 for the seat or $15 for the seat and back.

Great!  How many dining room chairs would you like cleaned?

Last Question: Do you need your mattresses cleaned?
Mattresses are a breeding ground for bacteria or viruses, gathering dead skin, spills and leaks over many years.

What type of mattress?


Congrats!  You have now given yourself a very precise quotation on the job you are looking for.  Remember, tax is included in your total. What you see is what you get. Wow!  If you'd like to fill out your information with this quotation, select yes and give us a few details on how to contact you, and your preferred dates and times for booking.  If you have any questions and want to contact us, feel free to e-mail or call 604.802.8500.


Excellent!  Now just fill in some basic info.

As you can see. We are upfront and direct with our pricing.  Fill in this form to receive the best cleaning available. We will get back to you within the hour. If filling in after hours, we will get back to you within the day.  If you have any questions and want to contact us, feel free to e-mail or call 604.802.8500.

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