Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Dazzle CC are your professional carpet, tile and grout and upholstery cleaning service providers. We offer effective, high quality and affordable professional carpet cleaning services. Although you vacuum clean your carpet at regular intervals, it may still contain a massive amount of dirt, bacteria, pet dander, mites, allergens and pollens. In addition to removing all these particles from the carpet, … Read More

The Right Fit Carpet Cleaning Service

Finding the right fit carpet cleaning service for you might be quite taxing and time consuming. Your eco-friendly Dazzle CC team is here make your choice and service simple, effective and an easy problem solving process. Carpets are not as easy to clean as most people tend to think. Our carpet cleaning service at Dazzle is the industries elite. Dazzle … Read More

Dazzle Carpet Cleaners Vancouver

Dazzle Carpet Cleaners Vancouver

Tile and grout is found in diverse rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and living areas. Build up of daily living most often than not go untouched. Neglect is obviously to blame in a few cases, but every day consumers don’t get the quality cleaners professionals have access to. Having a trained expert from Dazzle Carpet Cleaners Vancouver can guarantee the tiles … Read More

Your Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Specialists

The distinction between eco-friendly and toxic cleaning practices in our industry is very clear. Dazzle CC is the first choice for Your Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Specialists because we not only choose eco-friendly but educate our customers with the knowledge behind our choice. Traditional residential and commercial carpet-cleaning solutions contain a cocktail of noxious synthetic chemicals. One, perchloroethylene, commonly called “perc” … Read More

Vancouver Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Vancouver Commercial Carpet Cleaners

The combination of effective, efficient and affordable products and services take your business’ carpets from old to like new. That is the Dazzle promise. We understand workspace maintenance is just another part of life, and at Dazzle we provide a quick, safe, and effective service that will return your carpets to looking their very best. Other Vancouver commercial carpet cleaners charge … Read More

High Heat Extraction Cleaning

Dazzle CC’s eco-friendly solutions and tools place greater emphasis on cleaning procedures that reduce their carbon footprint and conserve natural resources. The usage of our high heat extraction cleaning involves less water for cleaning, so it’s ideal for our customer base concerned about water consumption and also what’s being dumped into the sanitary system. Dazzle CC’s high heat extraction cleaning … Read More

Summer Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver

As the weather warms and people head outdoors, it is important to remember what can be brought into your home. Protecting your family from health problems, allergens and pathogens doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Your Dazzle CC team are your Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver experts here to ensure your homes health for the summer. Here are 10 benefits … Read More

6 Facts About Your Carpet

The Dazzle CC team are always here to educate and inform you about your carpet to help you understand and be aware of how to care for and maintain them. Here are 6 facts about your carpets that you may not be aware of.  1- Every day oily residue from the rooms in your home and your family pets (if … Read More

Benefits of having Carpet

Carpet is mostly found in high pedestrian traffic areas of a home or office. In an office area, carpets are primarily used for soundproofing and for insurance purposes as they provide a non-slippery surface for office personnel to walk on and avoid injury. These are just some of the Benefits of having Carpet so today the Dazzle CC team would like … Read More

Carpet Cleaning to Sell Your Home

Putting your house on the market? Here’s why Dazzle CC‘s professional Carpet Cleaning can help you close a quick sale. Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, it’s important you maximise the sale price of your home while avoiding it sitting on the market for too long. Converting a garage, adding a bedroom, replacing old flooring and renovating kitchens and bathrooms are all … Read More