Dazzle CC for Carpet Cleaners Surrey.

Just like the ingredients of a recipe, the details of our processes are imperative to producing an incredible result. With carpet cleaners Surrey, Dazzle CC is a step ahead of our competitors to provide outstanding customer satisfaction and long lasting results. With innovative processes and systematic procedures we are taking over our industry and creating a new lane all on … Read More

Carpet Cleaners Richmond

If you are looking for Carpet Cleaners Richmond, Dazzle Carpet Cleaning is committed to providing knowledgeable, reliable and expert carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services to our residential and commercial customers. At Dazzle, we provide our Carpet Cleaners Richmond services with honesty and integrity; customer satisfaction is our number one priority! Cleanliness is a major concern for homeowners, business owners, … Read More

Pet Stain Treatment by Dazzle

Our pets mean the world to us. They’re our best friends. And pet urine, odour and hair are all apart of the package. When it comes to the removal of pet stains and pet dander and treating them look no further than Dazzle CC. We are here to solve your pet stain treatment needs so you and your pets live … Read More

Why Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning?

Every day living can be hard on tiles and grouting. Many home owners invest in high quality premium tiles for a superior and sleek finish. Unfortunately as home owners we don’t always make the same investment in regular tile and grout cleaning. Maintaining the beauty and finish of your tile doesn’t have to be a complicated process. The team at … Read More

Upholstery Cleaning Vancouver

Your upholstery is the essence of every room. It is what we use as people to gather around and create soulful connection and memories. Dazzle CC realises the importance of upholstery cleaning Vancouver and how this benefits your health and your family and pets health. Here are just some of the benefits of Upholstery Cleaning Vancouver. Appearance: one of the … Read More

Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Just like your home, the health + wellness and Commercial Carpet Cleaning of your business is just as important to the team at Dazzle. We understand you interact with so many people on a daily basis and we are happy to help you be the one who makes a difference for your people. Studies show that Commercial Carpet Cleaning is one … Read More

Sustainability + Vancouver Carpet Cleaning.

Climate change is real and affecting the way our eco-systems survive. To do our part for our Vancouver Carpet Cleaning customers and the world that houses us, we are proud to run an eco-friendly and sustainable company in Dazzle CC. Our sanitisation and cleaning products and solutions are 100% plant and citrus based. Derived from the worlds best cleaning agents … Read More

Radical Transparency

Transparency allows every employee and customer of our company to feel like they are apart of something bigger, something that is making a tangible difference. It builds trust and connection and sparks creativity and innovation within our team members. Through testing and trial and error, transparency is the key component to Dazzle CC’s expansion and continued growth throughout north America. … Read More

The BEST for Surrey Carpet Cleaning!

With superior, healthier products and processes Dazzle CC is paving the way as the industry’s expert in Surrey carpet cleaning. Providing exceptional quality services for our customers with state of the art technological cleaning methods. The high heat extracting cleaning process is the most recommended by carpet manufacturers for Surrey carpet cleaning customers. The process is not only better for … Read More

Carpet Cleaning Vancouver

Dazzle Carpet Cleaning, the number one carpet cleaning Vancouver experience believes in informing and educating our clientele on what is best for their family homes. 100% wool carpets ensure a healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable soft floor surface that is durable, easy to clean and long lasting. Wool is a natural and rapidly renewable resource. In the ETH wool carpet collection, … Read More