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Who we are

We are Dazzle – Vancouver Carpet Cleaning. We are a Better Business certified cleaning company that provides residential and commercial cleaning to Vancouver and all surrounding cities. We provide professional steam(carpet) cleaning so that you can live a healthier life. We also clean tile & grout, upholstery, chairs and mattresses. We separate ourselves from the competition by adhering to our values and morals, by being more than just a “cleaning company,” we are helping homes and businesses become healthier and more productive. This is achieved with the upmost quality in our service, affordable pricing, satisfaction guarantee, and professional customer service.

Our mission

To consistently over-deliver on service, reliability and integrity, with unmatched cleaning results.  To become the #1 sourced steam cleaning company in Canada by never comprising on quality, putting the customer and our staff first before profits, keeping our standards high in our hiring and training while operating as a green company using eco-friendly solutions when serving our community.

Our Vision

To serve 10,000 people so that they can live in a healthier environment by 2022.  We see a future where keeping a clean and healthy environment is fully integrated into the lifestyle of home owners and businesses.

Our values

  1. Radically Transparent – with our prices/cost and our processes, Also transparent with our metrics within the company
  2. Believe in Growth + Development – Training in-house and externally for both professional and personal development
  3. Solution Driven – always finding a way to solve the problem, even when we have to adapt to circumstances
  4. Health Driven – creating sanitization inside the workspace, and outside the work environment through exercise and healthy lifestyle
  5. Structured and Organized – with our process, our booking, our follow up so that the customer and our staff can have a seamless experience

100% Satisfaction


We are so confident in our work that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Customer care is extremely important to Dazzle. Our first step of quality control is to perform a walk through post cleaning to ensure face to face customer satisfaction. If we leave and you find something, just give us a call and we will come back and remedy the situation or return your money, hassle free.

Pre and Post Inspection


We will remedy any issue


Money back guarantee

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