Groundhog Day is a famous holiday celebrated on February 2nd every year. Just like the movie Groundhog Day, where the same day keeps repeating, our carpets go through daily wear and tear and need to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking new. Here at Dazzle Carpet Cleaning, we understand the importance of professional carpet cleaning and want to share with you why it’s a necessary task for your carpets.

Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning can only do so much. Carpets accumulate dirt, dust, and other particles over time, leading to wear and tear. At Dazzle Carpet Cleaning, our professional cleaners use the latest equipment and cleaning solutions to effectively remove deep-seated dirt and debris, leaving your carpets looking and smelling fresh.

We understand that not all carpet cleaning methods are created equal. Some methods, such as steam cleaning, can actually damage carpets by over-wetting them. Our experts have the expertise and equipment to use the most appropriate method for your carpets, ensuring that they are cleaned without damage.

At Dazzle Carpet Cleaning, we are committed to improving the air quality in your home. Carpets can trap allergens, pollutants, and other particles, leading to poor indoor air quality. Our professional cleaners will remove these particles, improving the air you and your family breathe.

In addition to improving air quality, professional carpet cleaning with Dazzle Carpet Cleaning will extend the lifespan of your carpets. Dirt and debris can cause friction between the fibers, leading to wear and tear. Our cleaners will remove this dirt, reducing the amount of wear and tear on your carpets.

Although we may be in for 6 more weeks of winter, you certainly don’t have to put up with soiled and stained carpets for 6 more weeks. With the benefits of improved air quality, extended carpet lifespan, and effective dirt and stain removal, it’s worth investing in professional carpet cleaning services with Dazzle Carpet Cleaning. So, make sure to repeat this important task every year, just like Groundhog Day! Trust us to take care of your carpets and bring them back to life.

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Happy Customers

  • Showed up when they were supposed to - I have had too much trouble with other companies no shows. Tech Aiden did a great job, asking questions as needed and letting me know of problems spots. Now that everything is dry, all the carpets look glossy and clean. I will be calling them again for future cleaning.

    Deborah Burian Avatar Deborah Burian
  • We had our carpet cleaned by them when my baby is three months old. They use plant based solution so it’s baby and pets friendly. Carpet got cleaned very well except one spot was stained with oil which came back to the surface after couple days which was exactly what they told us what might happen since it’s oil. Other than that, the carpet looks fresh and clean and they were able to remove couple of tough stains left by our dog. Will definitely use them again!

    Cecily H Avatar Cecily H
  • I noticed the Dazzle Carpet Cleaning van at my neighbours and gave them a call to see if they could clean my place too. Thankfully Bernard was able to make a switch and fit me in! Soon after, Aidan came to my door to assess what needed to be cleaned and I could see that he was enthusiastic about stain removal! Aidan is friendly and professional and did a great job carefully moving furniture around. He thoroughly cleaned my large sectional sofa, the living room carpet and even got the blueberry stain out of my kitchen chair! I highly recommend Aidan as he clearly has confidence in his own skills and demonstrates pride in his work. I am very happy with the results!

    Liz Charyna Avatar Liz Charyna
  • Very impressed and pleased with the dazzle service that was recommended to me by my in laws. From the start (initial contact, follow-up, service)...I would give it two thumbs up! Look no further for carpet cleaning. My carpet cleaner was Aiden and he was terrific.

    Stephanie Yim Avatar Stephanie Yim
  • Dazzle was one of the few places I called looking to have my sofa cleaned. In the end, I chose this company simply because the person over the phone was polite and professional. Aiden was the technician that arrived at my home, and not only did he get the nasty stains out of my sofa, but he gave me cleaning related knowledge that I was unaware of. He was also super kind, polite, and professional. I’ll definitely be sticking with Dazzle for future services!

    Minna Jhand Avatar Minna Jhand
  • We are extremely happy with the carpet cleaning and vinyl waxing job, Rob and his team from Dazzle has done for us in our office space. They were quick, efficient and more than accommodating to us for our needs. The outcome was fantastic! I would highly recommend and intend to use them again in the future.

    CWPC Property Avatar CWPC Property
  • The whole process of booking through to getting the job done was easy, efficient, and high quality. These guys are a great team!

    Susan Horning Avatar Susan Horning
  • From start to finish, I am so impressed and pleased with Dazzle's Carpet Cleaning service. Kiera was kind and accommodating when booking the appointment and promptly followed up right until the technician arrived at our door. Mattias, the technician, was pleasant and thorough, and he took care to make sure our carpets were to our liking. The carpet dried quickly and was definitely clean afterwards! We have had different companies in over the years, but I think we are going to stick with Dazzle from now on.

    Marian Mann Avatar Marian Mann
  • Aiden professionally cleaned a couple of our large area rugs and our sofa. He was very nice, very professional, and did a great job! The most important thing to me was to use a company that used cleaning products safe for my baby and my two dogs, and that’s what this company uses. Not only that, but they’re eco-friendly. I was thinking there would still be some lingering smell from the cleaning solution, but I didn’t smell anything at all which made me feel confident my baby and pets wouldn’t be breathing anything toxic as promised. We will definitely be using Dazzle again 🙂

    Michelle Lindemann Avatar Michelle Lindemann
  • I am very satisfied and impressed with their carpet cleaning. My carpet is thoroughly cleaned and it did dried fast as promised. I thank the crew for a wonderful job done. Will definitely use Dazzle again for my next cleaning.

    buddhagoldie Avatar buddhagoldie
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