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Dazzle knows that every home and job is unique.  This is why we have flexible, affordable, scalable simple pricing options to match the exact cleaning you need.  This page is designed to give you a very general idea of the approximate cost of your job. Our Dazzle techs are standing by to give you a completely transparent and free quote on your exact job when ready.  Simply give us a call or fill out the form for us to contact you.

Most companies hide their prices in order to aggressively sell you once they arrive at your house. This is not the Dazzle way.  We only want to serve customers that want us at their home and know that there will be zero surprises.

Up to 4 rooms cleaned – $150 flat rate! Amazing deal lasting until end of Feb. (+15 for apartments and condos)

Save 40% on 5 or more rooms!! WOW **(Does not apply for emergency spot clean, one area special, minimum charge jobs (2-4 rooms) or ultra protection.) ** Any discount cannot fall below our minimum price job.

Emergency Spot Clean Treatment
Up to 3 spots in one area.

One Area Special
$119 (+$15 for apartments/condo)
Apartments have an additional charge because of the extra time and equipment needed.

2-3 Rooms (4th room free promo Dec until Feb 2020)
$150 House/Townhouse (+$15 for apartments/condo)

Additional Areas (5 or more rooms 40% off! promo Dec until Feb 2020)
$50 each area/room
Areas are considered spaces or rooms of up to 175 square feet.

Large Rooms
+ $50
Rooms over 175 sq/ft are considered large and are an additional 50 because of the extra time and resources.

$50 per seated area

Ultra Protection
$20 per area
Technician will give an honest assessment if an area needs ultra protection. Not all areas do and we are honest about this.

Tile & Grout
$1.25 (starts at $1.25 per sq/ft)
Because of the big difference in time it takes to clean different tile & grout we cant give an exact cost per sq/ft. Our technician will give a free estimate on the price based on the time it will take determined on how dirty and stained the area is.

Send Us a Line
Send us a quick note to either book in or ask any questions about the pricing. We can give you a free quote on any job you need.


Pricing Info

Every business has their own unique needs and identity. This is why Dazzle can offer individualized professional commercial cleaning packages to fit what your company deserves. Our pricing is extremely flexible and is based on the size, repetition of cleanings, and complexity of the work. The values of your company are important to us and we will ensure your company stays fresh, healthy and clean.

We can clean almost every surface of your company and have very affordable and flexible rates.  We consider our service to you as a partnership, helping your company stay clean, fresh and healthy while you focus on your values and growth.  We will be there every step of the way, even after a job is finished we can help with any questions regarding maintenance and preservation of your surfaces.

Every business is extremely unique, so it is impossible to price out exactly what you need on this page. We offer a no obligation, free on site assessment. A dazzle technician will come to your company to answer any questions, explain how everything works and give you a completely free quote and estimate for your companies needs.  Feel free to call us or fill out our form to ask any questions about any process or to book your free estimate.

We help companies with:


Hard Surface Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning

Fabric and Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Area Rugs, Hallways

Hotels, Offices, Gyms, Restaurants, Motels, Clubs, Salons – All companies and work spaces.


Send Us a Line
Send us a quick note to either book in or ask any questions about the pricing. We can give you a free quote on any job you need.

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We are so confident in our work that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Customer care is extremely important to Dazzle. Our first step of quality control is to perform a walk through post cleaning to ensure face to face customer satisfaction. If we leave and you find something, just give us a call and we will come back and remedy the situation or return your money, hassle free.
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Dont Miss Out On Our Amazing Deals!Up to 4 bedrooms - $150! 5 or more rooms 40% off!

Thank you for visiting us!  We just wanted to make sure you do not miss out on our amazing offers.

  1. Up to 4 bedrooms - $150! 5 or more rooms 40% off!
  2. We cover the taxes.  All taxes are included in all prices.
  3. Amazing pricing for the quality of work.
  4. Free stain removal gift package to keep your floors, home and business clean even after we leave.
  5. Money back guarantee!!