Moving can be SO stressful! Not only does it include a massive amount of planning, you also have to worry about how to get your rental deposit back. Vancouver landlords are very strict about the proper process to a move out cleaning and if you have carpet in your rental, you can be sure they require a professional carpet cleaning upon move out. If you’re planning a move at the end of March or April, you’ve gotta act fast and get your carpet cleaning booked ASAP. We at Dazzle Carpet Cleaning are here to take some of the stress out of what can be an insanely hectic time. Our booking process is quick and easy, and the cleaning will be done right the first time – guaranteed. With everything you need to worry about planning around the time of your move out, you won’t have to worry about your carpets, we’ve got it covered. You work hard for your money, and we can help you hang on to it and get your rental deposit back.

Get Your Rental Deposit Back

Clean it all, from the top to the bottom!

If you are renting an apartment, condo, or house, you will most likely be responsible for cleaning up the residence when you leave to get your rental deposit back. If you’re cleaning it yourself, start from the top (cupboard tops, window sills, etc) and work your way to the bottom (baseboards, radiators, etc.). That way you can be sure the dust and dirt from the upper surfaces isn’t making its way on to what you’ve just cleaned. Most rental agreements state that there will be a thorough inspection of your residence upon your departure. Double-check the terms of your lease to see what you’re responsible for. You may want to think about hiring a cleaning service if you want to guarantee a job well done without the added stress on you and your family.

Get Your Rental Deposit Back

Cleaning Carpets is tough work!

Renting a steam cleaning machine and trying to do the cleaning yourself may seem like a cost-effective solution, but there are many risks involved with that. Improper solutions can lead to permanent brown stains on wool carpets. Overwetting can bring up old stains you didn’t even know were there and can even lead to some pretty nasty mould and mildew issues that may result in the need to replace the carpets entirely. Without the proper training and equipment, carpet cleaning can be a real endeavor, and it’s likely the last thing you’d want to do after a day of packing and cleaning. So leave it to the professionals, and you’ll be sure to get your rental deposit back in full.

Get Your Rental Deposit Back

Why Dazzle CC for my move out cleaning?

When it comes to helping you get your rental deposit back, Dazzle CC is the number 1 choice in the lower mainland. Our team is professional, skilled, and exceptionally friendly. We truly want to help you get your rental deposit back! This is why we guarantee a 100% satisfaction with each job that we complete. We pre-treat every single stain with our house-made spot treatment, and after that we treat the entirety of the carpet to our eco-friendly cleaner taking the time to rake the solution deep into the fibres. After adequate agitation and dwelling time, we use our hot water extraction to deeply sanitize, deodorize, and fully refresh your carpets!

If you’re moving in March or April, the time to call is now. You can reach us by phone at 604-802-8500, or if you don’t have time to chat, you can book online. You can even reach out to us by DMing us on instagram. We want to make the whole experience an easy one for you, we know how stressful moving is. At Dazzle CC, we’re here to take the stress out of your move and ensure you get your rental deposit back too!

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Happy Customers

  • Aiden was on time, polite, and very professional. Our kid drew on the carpet and spilled milk on it which we all thought wasn’t gonna go away, but Aiden made it look new. Would totally recommend

    thumb zhongshan liu
  • Best, best service and very good pricing. Very professional and delivers what they promise. Been using them for over 10 years and have given them all my business and keep passing them onto to others 🙂

    thumb Sophia Yeh
  • The dazzle crew are very nice company true professional was a joy to deal with them from the receptionist to the gentlemen who came and cleaned my mattress five start service.

    thumb Julio Bonilla
  • We had our carpet cleaned by them when my baby is three months old. They use plant based solution so it’s baby and pets friendly. Carpet got cleaned very well except one spot was stained with oil which came back to the surface after couple days which was exactly what they told us what might happen since it’s oil. Other than that, the carpet looks fresh and clean and they were able to remove couple of tough stains left by our dog. Will definitely use them again!

    thumb Cecily H
  • I called on Monday to have my carpets cleaned. I was given an appointment for Wednesday between 10:00 and 12:00. 11:15 my buzzer went. A very nice young man ( Aiden ) came to my door. I was very impressed with him the moment he came in the door. He told me where he was going to start and finish. I had some very bad stains and he was able to get them all out. The price quoted to me was spot on, there were no hidden fees. You don't need to look any further just book now with Dazzle. Rita Robinson

    thumb Rita Robinson
  • Just had the Dazzle team clean my carpets yesterday, they did an amazing job and my carpets have never looked better. I will use their services in the future again! Very professional.

    thumb Dean Earle
  • I am very satisfied and impressed with their carpet cleaning. My carpet is thoroughly cleaned and it did dried fast as promised. I thank the crew for a wonderful job done. Will definitely use Dazzle again for my next cleaning.

    thumb buddhagoldie
  • I had the Dazzle come in to have our carpet cleaned prior to the arrival of our newborn. It was a very last minute decision and initially, I was hesitant about cleaning the carpet as I remembered it would usually leave a strong chemical smell and I had to ventilate the whole house for at least a couple days. We are a family of two young toddlers and a newborn on the way and I was not sure if I wanted to risk having the wet and chemical soaked carpet only a couple weeks before my due date. But I realized I worried for nothing. I was able to get an appointment promptly and get the work done in a matter of a few days. Rob and his assistant did a fantastic job! There was absolutely no need for me to worry about the smell or ventilation as there was none and the carpet were spotlessly clean. They convinced me that I could have a clean, if not cleaner, carpet without having to use strong chemical filled products. I would highly recommend to anybody but especially, for families with young children like ours who can appreciate their plant based products that are safer to little ones. All in all, I am 120% satisfied with their work and would love to have them come back to clean our carpet in the future again!

    thumb Elysia Suyu
  • Showed up when they were supposed to - I have had too much trouble with other companies no shows. Tech Aiden did a great job, asking questions as needed and letting me know of problems spots. Now that everything is dry, all the carpets look glossy and clean. I will be calling them again for future cleaning.

    thumb Deborah Burian
  • I recently had Dazzle clean my parents carpet after my dogs had multiple accidents in their home. They did an amazing job removing the pet stains and their customer service skills went beyond my expectations. They were extremely knowledgeable about carpets and area rugs, and at they end of their service, they gave my mother a sachet filled with cleaning and stain removing goodies to help maintain the wonderful job they did cleaning their carpets. I highly recommended going with Dazzle, if they can clean the mess my dogs made on my parents white carpets, they can clean anything.

    thumb Michelle Carlson
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